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Your Home Far From Home!

At Mr.Bernard we are proud of our offer of 8 cozy holiday apartments, each equipped with comfortable mattresses for a good night's sleep. 


Mr.Bernard offers a great opportunity to enjoy a relaxing nature reserve 'Calmeynbos' located next to our accommodations. Perfect way to experience the vibrant area

to explore.

Our proximity to local amenities is second to none. Located just a stone's throw from the tram stop, just 50 meters from a supermarket, Plopsaland just 200 meters, and De Panne train station just 500 meters from our door. Whether you are here for relaxation or business, Mr.Bernard offers a central and accessible base

for your stay.

As holiday apartments we go further than just providing accommodation. We believe in improving your experience. Your comfort is not only a priority; it is our passion.

Enjoy a warm and hospitable atmosphere, where attention to detail goes hand in hand with genuine hospitality. Mr.Bernard is more than just a place to stay; it is a sanctuary where you can relax, recharge and lasting

can create memories.

Discover a harmonious mix of convenience, comfort and culinary pleasure at Mr.Bernard Holiday Apartments. Your journey starts here with us.



Since 1976, Bernard Cailliau has been creating unique and innovative fireplaces that meet market expectations. With 40 years of experience in internal development and production, our fireplaces combine technical excellence with design.


At Mr. Bernard we offer eight cozy holiday apartments, each with comfortable mattresses for a good night's sleep. Located a stone's throw from the 'Calmeynbos' nature reserve, our apartments offer a peaceful retreat.

Our central location, close to a tram stop, supermarket, Plopsaland and De Panne train station, offers unparalleled convenience for both

recreational and business travelers.

More than just accommodation, we strive to enhance your experience by combining warm hospitality with attention to detail. Mr. Bernard is your sanctuary to relax, recharge and create lasting memories.

Experience the harmonious mix of convenience, comfort and culinary pleasure at Mr. Bernard Holiday Apartments. Your journey starts here.


Bernard Cailliau


At the very beginning of our journey, we proudly announce the creation of BERNARD CAILLIAU, a milestone that marks the start of an exciting venture. We also open our beautiful showroom, a space where we want to share our passion for innovative fireplaces and timeless design with others. We invite everyone to experience the craftsmanship and aesthetics of our creations in an atmospheric environment that embodies the essence of BERNARD CAILLIAU.


In 1993 we proudly entered the fireplace world with the launch of our groundbreaking BECAFIRE fireplace range. A milestone that marks the start of an enchanting journey in fire and warmth. Our range embodies craftsmanship and innovation, and we invite everyone to experience the magic of BECAFIRE. A collection that not only brings warmth, but also embraces the essence of timeless design. Welcome to BECAFIRE, where fire meets refinement.

Roderic Cailliau

In 2013, Roderic Cailliau joined our company as the firstborn son in the family. His commitment and vision strengthen the foundations of our company, and he continues our mission with renewed energy. As heir, Roderic not only brings continuity to the family tradition, but also innovation and fresh perspectives, allowing our company to modernize and strengthen. Under his leadership, we look forward to new successes and growth.


In 2017 we took an exciting step in our evolution with the international expansion of the BECAFIRE range. It heralds a new era in which the warmth and style of our fireplaces are recognized and appreciated worldwide. With the start of our export activities, we are bringing the unique charm and quality of BECAFIRE to new horizons. This milestone is a testament not only to our growing success, but also to the universal appeal of our craftsmanship and design. We look forward to welcoming more fireplace enthusiasts worldwide to the BECAFIRE family.

Louis Cailliau

"In the year 2024, with pride and enthusiasm, we announce the establishment of the latest addition to our family businesses - the establishment of Mr. Bernard Vakantieappartement in De Panne, led by the youngest member, Louis Cailliau. This step not only marks a new venture in hospitality, but also embodies the continuation of the tradition of quality and dedication deeply rooted in the Cailliau family history. With Louis at the helm, we welcome a breath of fresh air and a modern vision in our pursuit of providing comfortable and memorable stay experiences. We invite everyone to discover the charm of Mr. Bernard Holiday Apartment, where hospitality has a name – Louis Cailliau.

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